If life's so great, why do I feel like shit?

How are you today?

If life's so great, why do I feel like shit?

Why do we suffer?

Feeling shitty is a common experience. And it certainly feels like it is happening to more of us, more of the time. Yet feeling shitty, can be the very thing to help us remember a key concept:

Duality is a dangerous illusion.

Duality is a concept, which seems so obvious. For example, something may be true or false. In binary, something is a 1 or a 0. On or off.Black or white.

We know that modern physics, has found the concept of binary to be incorrect on the most fundamental of levels - as in there has been found another option between the binary choice of true or false, black or white, 1 or 0. In this other, quantum state, we see that nature does not allow a 1 or 0. Neither particle nor wave. Both exist simultaneously and somehow related to the observer.

So given this fact of basic nature, trying to extrapolate our complex feeling to this or that is a recipe for disaster. And frequently will lead to feeling like shit. But now, there is a new way to look at feeling shitty.

For example, how shitty are you feeling. A little? A lot? The most?

So given that you aren't 100% shitty but something < 100%, there's room for something else. Something not understandable in the way the quantum state isn't understandable. Perhaps this thing is hope. Or love. Or God. I don't know.

But why not explore?