The Take Home Message

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This website is about understanding how and why to live. It is for those who are struggling to find meaning, let alone joy, in their life.

This is an overview of a belief system for those of us who require one. If you already have a belief system and handle life with dexterity, then join our class and show us your techniques!

If you need to make a change (because life sucks)...

Just follow these simple practices. Though simple, they require mindful practice. Over and over again. Day in and day out. But practice is perfect and will move you along a path of gratitude and wellbeing! Guaranteed or your money back!

  1. When people, places, or things in life suck - stop blaming them. Know that there is no one to blame (except maybe yourself); it is just how it goes.
  2. Use your brain to figure out a different way - other than blame - to explain the current state of affairs.
  3. Strive to "take the high road" - meaning do the right thing.
  4. The right thing is to practice the art of kindness, practice the art of compassion, and practice not being an asshole.

The Theory of N=1 is existential math that proves the sum of your choices over time defines your value as a human being. It is a truer measure of one's legacy than money, fame, infamy, or power, as it is a measure of one's kindness.

Existential Mathematics: The Theory of N = 1

Who you are, and how you are to others, is your legacy. It is also who you are today. Want to be right? Want to prove a point? Want to let somebody know how you feel? The manner in which you do these things are what defines you as a person.

Simply put, being an asshole today diminishes your ability to reach your potential. And being a "better" person [to ourselves and those around us] is available to all of us. Like a parched plant - adding some water and time can make a big difference.

The ability to understand this concept is the key. Many people, irrespective of their IQ, don't get this concept: as soon as you start to make more better > worse choices - your life, and those around your, will improve. This is existential math.

As your positive actions (or refraining from negative ones) add up, they do so in the direction of kindness.

Want to know more about the philosophy that allows one to find peace in this world of noise and pain (without drugs!), then check out Engaged Buddhism