You Are Here

Hey look, a path to wellness!

Sculpture from Cambridge School of Weston that reads, "We Are."
A Sign to Remind (from CSW)

Welcome! This is a place for my thoughts, photographs, projects and other less classifiable things (artistic license?). I guess that's a blog, or vlog, or some sort of place for information to be publicly stored . This is a digitally-stored replication of parts of my experience existing. A place for my egoic mind to put the parts I want seen, and my subconscious to put the parts I don't.

But why not put me online? I think my thinking deserves its own site. I feel that way about a lot of things. That's because:

I am special; not deserving of more, but uniquely individual.

As are you, of course. No two the same, even genetically-identical ones. Each one of us is special and uniquely individual. Each with our own skills - and our own challenges.

In existential mathematics, this unique individuality is represented as, n = 1.

The Theory of N=1 can allow you to reach where you want to be!

It can be summarized as follows:

1) When people, places, or things in life suck - stop blaming others.

2) Contemplate until you find a way to see them without blame (it's hard, I know).

3) Practice kindness, compassion, and not being an asshole.

4) Take the high road at work (Kind Capitalism) and play.

5) Being an asshole today literally lowers your score (value) as a human over your lifetime.

And just like an individual singer is a soloist, joined together singers become a choir. Emerging from individuals comes the sum of our abilities. Together we are a symphony. Out-of-synch, it is a cacophony.